Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources CEO Mike Heller

Michael Heller

Founder and CEO

Michael Heller started his career in entertainment law (NYU Graduate; Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law) where he oversaw and negotiated many opportunities for brands to garner celebrity support. 

Michael was the Manager for stars like Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Rachel Hunter and established deep connections within the entertainment industry. 

He quickly realized that there weren’t many active facilitators bridging the gap between brands and talent and founded Talent Resources. Since 2007, Talent Resources has been transforming the way brands connect with their consumers by employing powerful, media-driven celebrity and influencer-based campaigns and experiences.

Talent Resources has proven that we are able to adapt to the digital advertising world. By paring celebrities with brands that agree with their lifestyle, we ensure that a positive and healthy relationship will flourish for years to come.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Chairman Matt Britton

Matt Britton


Matt Britton is a National Bestselling author of YouthNation and founder of global digital marketing agency MRY, named by Mashable As "Digital Innovator Of The Year." Widely recognized as the preeminent expert on the Millennial Generation in the United States, Matthas consulted over half the Fortune 500 on youth marketing strategy including Procter & Gamble Visa, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Microsoft. Matt has an active role at Talent Resources helping steer the company toward new frontiers. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources CEO And Founder Of TR Sports David Spencer



With my Bachelor's degree and MBA from NYU and a successful career in finance under my belt I ventured into the world of content production for ABC with illusionist, David Blane. It was during this time that I developed strong relationships within the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and NASCAR and began procuring celebrity appearances. In working with the New York Knicks in this capacity, I realized the marketability of athletes - especially with the advancement of digital and social media.

In 2009, I joined forces with Michael Heller to launch, Talent Resources Sports, mirroring the successful formula of "employing powerful, media-driven celebrity and influencer-based campaigns and experiences" in the sports realm.

I currently lead all athlete-driven enterprises, focusing specifically on endorsement deals and international campaigns. I continue to work closely with renowned athletes and their teams to secure appearance opportunities, endorsement agreements and sponsorship initiatives. With a savvy eye for marrying brands with top-tier talent, I have been instrumental in facilitating the mainstream crossover of several elite athletes across the boundless range of sports. With my international background, I have enabled Talent Resources the access to expand its reach across industries, borders and cultures. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Director Of Celebrity Relations

Matt Kirschner

Partner Director of Celebrity Relations

Matt Kirschner has been one of the driving forces behind Talent Resources for nearly a decade. As Partner and Director of Celebrity Relations, Matt oversees the procurement and negotiations of all Talent for social media, personal appearances and endorsement campaigns.

Matt began his career at the University of Maryland, College Park where he was part of the Student Entertainment Events organization, responsible for programming the concerts, comedy shows and special events for the University's 30,000+ students. Following graduation, he transitioned into the agency world working in the commercial endorsements division of CESD Talent Agency before finding his home at Talent Resources. 

With over 10 years of experience and the relationships to go with it, Matt is one of the entertainment industry's preeminent sources for integrated branded programs across all digital and traditional media platforms. Having brokered campaigns and appearances for internationally recognized pop stars, athletes and TV/Film personalities such as Kelly Clarkson, Mario Lopez, Sofia Vergara, and Cuba Gooding Jr, Matt's consistently been at the forefront of media trends as they are breaking in Hollywood and pop culture. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Director of Brand Relations Yehuda Neuman

Yehuda (Jason) Neuman

Director of Brand Relations

Yehuda Neuman joined Talent Resources from EUE Screen Gems Studios where he was involved in commercial, music video and new age media production on behalf of various brands.

As Director of Brand Relations, Yehuda oversees the team of brokers as well as all brand accounts here at Talent Resources, guiding them through the celebrity procurement process and ensuring that our teams are working in tandem for the best results. 

He has orchestrated endorsement deals, music video product placement, celebrity social media campaigns, appearances and more, helping brands capitalize on the power of celebrity marketing. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Manager Celebrity Relations Zach Scheiner

Zach Scheiner

Senior Manager Celebrity Relations

Zach serves as the official liaison between brands and celebrities during the negotiation and execution of a wide range of marketing campaigns. With a dual degree in Film Studies & Marketing, Zach brings a diverse set of skills and experience that enables him to move fluidly from project to project in whatever capacity is crucial for getting the job done. Additionally, Zach’s encyclopedic knowledge of celebrity and entertainment culture help keep our team as well as our clients always in-the-know. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Director Of Operations Jordan Katz

Jordan Katz

Director of operations

Jordan comes from a background in both Public Relations and Television as he worked in production on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and in PR at Edelman serving on the brand team of such clients as Xbox and Energizer Personal Care. At TR, Jordan works directly under CEO Michael Heller where he serves as the direct liaison between the executives and the entire TR staff. Jordan works in-between both the brand and celebrity teams as well, as he helps directly manage certain accounts with top clients on both the brand and the celebrity side.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Creative Director Nima Soofi

Nima Soofi

Creative Director / Videographer 

Nima is an award winner film maker with degree in Film production and 3D Animation and over a decade of experience. Nima Soofi heads up our Video Production working in with brands to create dynamic video content that expands the brands messaging. He has created cutting edge commercials as well as corporate and promotional videos for the brands and events he works with. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Brand Relations Ilana Lombardo

Ilana Lombardo

Account Manager, Brand Relations

A New York native, Ilana graduated with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan, with a concentration in Psychology, English and Linguistics. Her education provided her with the tools to interpret her clients' needs and strengthen relationships. Her assiduous nature and her passion for working with people has lead to her position as an Account Manager of Brand Relations & New Business at Talent Resources.

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Brand Relations Nick Barrotta

Nick Barrotta

Account manager, Brand Relations

Having spent years in the media and broadcast industry Nick helps his brands maximize the exposure and impact they see from the various media campaigns being run. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Social Media Manager Tom Ierna

Tom Ierna

Social Media Manager

Tom manages the inner branding and social media for Talent Resources and their clients. Consulting on brands for best social media practices, collaborations and integrations Tom is the go-to for any questions related to new age social media. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Manager Celebrity Relations Leeza Cumsky

Leeza Cumsky, 

Manager Celebrity Relations

Leeza graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelors degree in Psychology.  Leeza is a hybrid between the Talent and Sales teams. She looks for new up and coming influencers to make relationships with and to add to Talent Resources' large and evolving network. When she is not scouting the internet for new talent, she's looking for new brands to connect the two in a powerful way. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Brand Relations Christian Atherton

Christian Atherton

Account manager, Brand Relations

Christian started as an intern and quickly proved himself by immediately closing several deals in the beverage and fashion categories. He completed his school and is now a Brand Relations manager helping coordinate campaigns with the brands he manages. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Creative Director Kaitlin Bostwick
Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Athlete Relations Jake Nussbaum

Kaitlin Bostwick

Creative Director/Graphics

Kaitlin oversees all internal creative including content management, creating of marketing collateral, event recaps, sponsorship decks and graphic productions for campaigns and marquee events.









Manager of Athlete Relations


After receiving my bachelors degree in Sports Management from UMass Amherst I carried my passion for sports, and athletes to Talent Resources Sports. I gained the knowledge, experience and ability to lead through many sports driven internships most recently at The Legacy Agency.

Here I spearhead the day to day operations for Talent Resources Sports.   I work with both brands and athletes always looking to maximize exposure for both entities. I help control the team producing events at the Super Bowl, NBA All Star Game, and the ESPYs where we again look to bring brands and athletes together in an organic way. 

Celebrity Influencer Marketing Talent Resources Brand Relations Rachel Heller

Rachel Heller

Account manager, Brand Relations

Rachel graduated with a BA from Columbia University. She currently helps brands put together various campaigns and helps structure new brands to help brands maximize on their marketing initiatives.