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8 Ways to Use Influencers This Holiday Season

After last year’s pandemic holiday season, shoppers are more inclined than ever to shop online as it is much easier and safer than venturing into stores.

Customers are eager to get a head start on their holiday shopping, with 66% of shoppers planning to start on Thanksgiving weekend, which is an estimate of 158.3 million people. Shopping early has been a trend for years but has been boosted by the pandemic.

Influencers can be a great asset to your holiday season strategy. They can help promote deals and entice consumers to shop for your brand. Content creators have strong connections with their audience, so having them share their positive opinions on your products can boost your online sales and increase brand awareness.

Here are 8 ways to use influencers this holiday season:

Use Personalized Discount Codes to Boost E-Commerce

While some people are excited to get back to stores, many consumers still prefer to shop online this holiday season. Instead of trying to change preferences to get people in stores, use an influencer to promote e-commerce. Offer your influencers personalized discount codes they can share with their followers. This will help encourage their followers to shop with your brand and will also allow you to track the success of each influencer’s promotion.

The pandemic has caused a strain on people’s finances, making deals more important than ever this holiday season. Customers will likely be more budget- and deal-conscious than ever, making price an important factor in their decisions. 62% of shoppers say they will search for as many deals as possible before making a purchase, and 61% say the price is the largest determining factor in their gift-buying choices.

Give Influencers Creative Control

Instead of having your influencers post generic holiday deals, allow them to customize their content. This will allow them to communicate with their audience in the most effective way possible and stand out from the sea of sponsored posts. Influencers know best what their audience will respond well to, so they will be able to target their promotion to satisfy their audience’s wants and needs.

Keep It Authentic

Brands should prioritize influencers that are genuine fans of their products. An influencer that has consistently supported your brand will be much more effective than using a popular influencer that has no pre-existing connection to your brand. Allow them to talk about your brand in their own words so the messaging is authentic and trustworthy. Additionally, creators who love your products likely have a following that is equally as interested, making this the ideal way to reach your target audience.

Promote Time-Limited Offers

Time-limited offers are a great way to motivate customers to shop. Create suspense by having your influencers promote your deals before they go live. They can share their favorite products that will have great deals, letting their audience know that they will be able to get these products if they move quickly. This will excite customers and have them jump to your website to shop the minute they are able to access these deals.

Make Shopping Easy

Utilize in-app shopping features, such as Instagram Shopping, to sell your products. Instagram’s shopping feature is an amazing tool to get customers to shop quickly without having to leave the app to make a purchase. They are able to shop directly on the platform by clicking on the shop link used in an influencer’s post or story. Customers love this feature because it is easy to use and requires minimal effort on their behalf.

Cover All Platforms

Social media has become a major part of our lives, so it’s essential to utilize all platforms that your audience is also using. Make sure your strategy covers Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Having a mix of creators across platforms will increase reach and attract tons of new customers.

Create Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos are a hugely popular trend on social media. Have your influencers create an unboxing video to show how much they love the products and allow customers to see how great the product looks in real life. Customers look to influencers for reviews on products, making this a great way to share their opinion while still posting user-generated content.

Include Influencers in Your Ads

Even though a lot of influencer marketing is designed to seem organic, using your influencers in your holiday ads is a great way to capture customers’ attention. This method will integrate the sponsored social media posts with your advertising, creating a seamless marketing strategy. Customers will get excited when they see their favorite influencer in your ad which will increase their interest in your brand.


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