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Cooper Vision.

Case Studies  

Cooper Vision

As the global pandemic forced children out of their schools and further into their computer, tablet and phone screens, there was growing concern over the long-lasting effects that so much time with these screens could have on their vision.


CooperVision, one of the largest manufacturers of contact lenses created their MiSight one-a-day contact lens to help reduce the effects of myopia (nearsightedness) in children.

Talent Resources paired them with actress and mother of two young children, Sarah Michelle Gellar, to support their first-ever celebrity campaign.

Comprised of digital commercials, still imagery, social media posts and virtual media days, Talent Resources helped craft a six month program, which will likely turn into a full year campaign. This resulted in millions of dollars in talent fees.


Cooper Vision


US Influencer Launch




1 Million +

Sarah Michelle Gellar

CooperVision Announces Sarah Michelle Gellar as Spokesperson

CooperVision partners with Sarah Michelle Gellar to raise awareness around the short and long term affects of Myopia. 

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