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Brand & Influencer Activism on the Rise

The social media landscape has changed a lot in the past year. From COVID-19 messaging to social justice calls to action, it seems like human interest topics have taken over the conversation. This presented an interesting opportunity for brands who were left with 2 choices: using their voice and platform to speak out or remain quiet. Many brands chose the first option and decided to support social justice causes through influencers.

With influencer and brand activism more apparent than ever, it is important to recognize the impact that this has on one's platform. Using influencers with strong voices can increase engagement and also brand sales, due to how followers may connect with the product’s messaging. According to TheInfluencerNews, brands like Old Navy and Reddit are stepping up to increase voter registration in preparation for the presidential election happening on November 3rd. Partnering with Power the Polls, Old Navy is pushing for their employees to get active by providing them with eight-hour pay if they volunteered to work the polls on Election Day, while Reddit is using its platform to relay information about voting by encouraging users to post questions about candidates and other related topics.

In addition to brands actively speaking on these issues, celebrities and influencers are taking it upon themselves to seek out more partnerships that authentically align with their values. On the topic of the upcoming election, chief social officer at Mekanism, Brendan Gahan expressed why incorporating influencers into campaigns are crucial, “However, I think [influencer marketing is] wildly under-utilized. What other medium can you get young voters to listen and pay attention to for hours on end? It’s not TV. It’s not print. Influencers are the medium that can accomplish that.” This has been recently apparent in the Biden campaign where influencers like Elle Walker and Bethany Mota have collaborated with Biden’s team to increase their marketing outreach. Hosting live streams on Youtube and Instagram, Walker and Mota interviewed Biden asking his stance on various issues to engage and inform viewers.

Youtuber and content creator David Dobrik has also been a key influencer in encouraging his fans to hit the polls. Partnering with the non-profit organization HeadCount that promotes increased participation in elections, Dobrik had joined the #GoodToVote campaign. Celebrities such as John Stamos, Emma Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, and Debra Messing joined in on the same campaign, but Dobrik has surpassed all previous campaign outcomes. By hosting a giveaway with three Tesla’s, the contest required users to verify their registration status via the HeadCount website, share the post on Instagram Stories, and tag a friend in the comments. This partnership has broken HeadCount’s voter registration record with 100,000 people newly registered in just 24 hours and more than 250,000 people verifying their registration status.


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