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How Brands Can Choose the Right Influencer Agency in Chicago

Influencer marketing is the new-age marketing tool reaping the maximum benefits in terms of returns gained from investments. Influencer marketing works through social media by influencers actively placing products or services in their own creative content.

This influences the buying habits of their followers, thus marketing the product. An organization that undertakes such campaigns for its clients is called an influencer marketing agency.

Chicago, the third most populous city in the US, has the most balanced economy because of the diversified business opportunities, and as well as also being the fourth most important business center in the world.

Through a survey conducted in 2015, it was concluded that every invested dollar amounted to about ten in return when the right agency did the campaign.

The right agency need not be the best agency, but the one most suitable for business’ needs. After 5 years, the growth rate has spurred up to a 40% increase in ROI as in 2020. There is a multitude of brands, businesses, influencer marketing agencies, and influencers in Chicago. The brands and businesses have a tough time choosing the right influencers and influencer marketing agencies to partner with.

Let us discuss the points to be considered to choose the right influencer marketing agency in Chicago for the best results. This choice can be the difference between a high-return effective campaign versus a dull advertising campaign.

Choosing the right agency can be a simple process if the correct considerations are pondered upon.


The top agencies know how to plan, conduct and assess a campaign that reaches the target audience. Undoubtedly, they will have the required knowledge to engage the targeted consumer segment by pairing the brand with an influencer that will use the brand and the product in a manner to serve enchanting content.

Before you choose, you will need to research and analyze the brands that the agency has worked with, what type of campaigns they have designed, and their success stories and failures if any. The agency’s historical data will provide many answers to your questions relating to their experience and expertise.

Their effectiveness in the previous campaigns will show you their comfort levels in handling projects for your type of industry. If similar brands have benefitted in the past, you will also stand a good chance of doing so. Also, make sure that their delivered projects are in line with your business needs for that added advantage.

Influencer Relationships

Also, consider their previous campaigns in terms of the influencer types and influencers overall. Their tie-ups and professional working relationships will also play a part in their success. Their experiences with influencer marketing in total will give a clearer picture than what they will claim. Research as much as you can before taking the first step.

A correct selection can make or break your campaign, so it becomes imperative to find out their existing influencer relationships. Almost all the agencies will claim to have a variety of influencers in their kitty for every type of business. The claims need to be authenticated for surety.

The correct influencer agency will have tie-ups with all kinds of influencers from all walks of life. The right influencer for your type of business will have a high viewer reach and effective customer engagement. The right agency will be able to engage your kind of influencer with the project.


This is another major factor in determining the agency’s capability. The flexibility to choose between campaign types adds a lot of credibility to the agency. The agency’s ability to develop and conduct a variety of unique campaigns will reveal its creative prowess and manpower skill.

The agency’s competence will allow you to develop a plan involving different, dynamic push types within varying stages of the marketing campaign. You will also need to consider this if you are planning a static campaign and want to find out if the agency is capable to handle a similar project.

The flexibility of an agency will not only display their ability to conduct diverse types of campaigns but also their capacities to take up ad-hoc challenges that may arise at any point during your campaign. Thoroughly dig up their historical data to get an understanding of the same.

Ease with Platform

The agency’s ease at conducting an influencer marketing campaign on all types of platforms reflects its reach to a wide audience and a multitude of influencers. This is always desirable, given marketing requirements, to engage with wider audiences and extend the reach to social media users on a variety of platforms.

You will prefer the ones that have a multi-faceted reach on many platforms which would, in turn, translate to innumerable influencers and countless viewers. The agency’s ease with developing a strategy will also be reflective of their familiarity with the different social media platforms.

The capable agencies will plan your campaign spanning across different platforms and improvise it with the assessment results to strike a chord with the viewers. This mostly results in the transformation of viewers to customers. Further improvisation coupled with the product or service quality will make them sustainable buyers.

Data-Driven Approach

Most of the social media platforms offer analytics and tools for the influencers, agencies, and brands alike to measure the campaign. Tracking allows many performance metrics to be measured against the goals, targets, and the predetermined key performance indicators (KPI’s).

This helps particularly for the campaign to be optimized as per the need and changes made to make the marketing drive more effective. Most agencies will have their own analytics tools and measuring metrics to portray an accurate picture of the campaign.

Agencies with their own tools and analytics will only add to the available data from the social media platform’s inbuilt features. This needs to be particularly kept in mind, as without assessment of the campaign its success will not be measurable and quantifiable.

These listed above were some of the most important factors that need careful scrutiny and consideration before deciding the influencer marketing agency in Chicago that you will want to partner with for a successful influencer marketing campaign.


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