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How can I find the best influencer marketing agency in NYC? Seven tips...

Getting started with influencer marketing in NYC can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

In this article, we’ll discuss why you should include influencer marketing in your strategy, help you decide whether working with an agency is worth it, and why Talent Resources could be the best influencer marketing agency in NYC to support you on this journey.

Why should you include influencer marketing in your strategy?

It’s impossible to go on social media without seeing this powerful approach to brand awareness at play, with hundreds of thousands of brands witnessing exponential growth over the last fifteen years, thanks to it.

According to Oracle, 37% of consumers said they trust social media influencers over brands in 2022.

That shows us how much ability they have to cut out the most difficult stages of the advertising process, like getting to know your audience, building credibility, and constructing multiple campaigns before getting to the important part... selling. They have already done the hard work by building a big following and, therefore, a reputation within their niche. When it comes to promoting your product or service, their ability to impact purchasing decisions is almost instant.

We even see the trend rolling out in influencer-led sponsored ad campaigns now, with brands ditching fancy CGI and graphic ads in favor of user-generated content. It’s simple but seemingly effective.

Tthe results speak for themselves, with studies showing that influencers produce as much as 11x more ROI than any other digital marketing approach.

So what do influencer marketing agencies do?

Think of an influencer marketing agency as a creative hub. A reputable agency will have extensive experience in this area and will be able able to show you positive and measurable results from previous clientele.

On top of this, they will give you access to their inventory of trusted influencers alongside a proven system for selecting the most effective people based on analytical insights from past campaigns. Any agency with strong tracking tools will use these results to create a strategy that looks deeply into your target audience's behaviors to ensure that the right people are targeted.

Then by working between yourself, influencers, and your audience, they will create a fully immersive creative experience to promote your brand. It may sound simple, but there’s a lot to this game! Keep reading...

Are influencer marketing agencies worth it?

By now, you’re probably wondering how to get started with adding influencer marketing into your strategy. Maybe you’re asking yourself if you can produce it in-house or if it’s worth working

with an agency.

Strategizing, creating, and then executing a plan like this can be intense work for a small team who are already keeping on top of an exhaustive content strategy. There are always many moving parts of managing and finer details to attend to, which we will explore more in this article.

If you’re interested in receiving a little extra support with your campaign or even if you’re not sure where to start, working with an agency like Talent Resources can be beneficial.

Here are seven benefits to be aware of when looking for the best influencer marketing agency in NYC for your brand:

1. Save time and money to focus on what you’re good at

Especially if this is the first time you’re implementing influencer marketing into your strategy, partnering with an agency will save you time and money. That’s guaranteed. Building a reliable base of contacts and getting to know them requires a ton of background re- search before you can even begin building relationships. And like any relationship, it takes time, so you will need to have patience.

For this to be a successful experience for all parties, it’s necessary to understand what strands of their content are most optimal for each niche that they work with, how they fit within your brand story, and how they are working.

If time isn’t on your side, then partnering with an agency is an option that allows you to continue managing your business in the same way and will make the new addition to your strategy a much more fluid process.

2. Get the best rates in the business

Several factors impact how much an influencer will charge for their service. You will pay more for those with a higher reach, engagement, and conversion rate. However, the types of channels that are being used are also important, alongside the number of posts and also what kind of content you’re looking for - audience, videos, photos, etc.

As one of the best influencer marketing agencies in NYC, we know our base extremely well. They trust us to provide them with consistently great opportunities and a streamlined work pro- cess in exchange for the best rates in the business.

3. Hand over the paperwork and legal aspects

This is an area that you need to get right. Working with influencers presents many legal risks. With more and more advertising regulators enforcing new laws around this area of advertising, the legal challenges faced by influencers, brands, and agencies are always evolving.

An agency knows how to navigate laws around copyright, trademark infringement, intellectual property, censorship issues, confidentiality, privacy, and so much more to prevent legal action from being taken against your brand.

The team at Talent Resources is always on top of the latest legal developments and makes sure that all paperwork and contracts for your campaign are in line with legislation for the relevant jurisdictions.

4. Always be at the forefront of emerging social media trends

Things change fast in this world.

When done right, influencer marketing can drive business and brand loyalty from your campaign in ways you can’t even imagine right now. The most successful campaigns come from brands that are at the forefront of trends as they emerge, with a downward impact shown to those that follow in the weeks and months following.

Partnering with experts in social media who use the latest technology to stay up to date means that you will be on the front foot at every moment. Prepare to have your mind blown.

5. Access to high-end influencers in high places

Influencer marketing has been alive for around 15 years now, so agencies with the most experience have built strong and trusted relationships. At Talent Resources, we’re closely connected with big-name Hollywood celebrities and online influencers in the sports and entertainment industry who work to strategize authentic content. Through our connections, you’ll get full access to them.

Most famously, we’ve provided strategies and execution for campaigns such as Got Milk?, Dunkin’ Donuts, The Children’s Place, and more...

6. Obtain first-hand expert influencer marketing advice

With experience comes knowledge.

The top influencer agencies in NYC have worked on many campaigns and have built a team of industry experts whose experience contributes to building strategies that deliver results. For example, we invite you to book a strategy call with us so we can understand if we’re the best team for the job. Sometimes we’re not, and that’s ok. But first, we need to get to know you and understand your needs.

Our people will then assess your social media insights to see where we can harness the greatest opportunities and begin laying the foundation for a solid strategy.

We always work with the same goal in mind for our content. To stimulate conversation, increase brand awareness, and drive digital engagement and, ultimately, conversions. We create with your end goal in mind, whether it’s to drive sales, online signups, or in-store foot traffic.

7. Seamlessly integrate with your current marketing strategy

Working with a 360 agency like Talent Resources has major benefits. Not only are we influencer experts, but we also specialize in social media management, performance marketing, and general campaign strategy. We always work in relation to other areas of your current strategy whilst also being available to offer support in areas where our experts may see missed opportunities or potential areas for improvement.

Harmony and uniformity across each element of your campaign ensure that we are covering all areas to maximize ROI for your brand.


These are just seven things that you should understand when working with an influencer marketing agency, but there are other perks to partnering with a team of experts in this field.

If you came here to find out more about implementing influencer advertising into your strategy, learn about what agencies in this field do, or find the best influencer marketing agency in NYC to pro- mote your brand, then we hope this blog post has been helpful.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Book a consultation call with our team, who will be pleased to offer you a more personalized and in-depth conversation about the needs of your campaign.


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