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How to negotiate with a brand influencer

An influencer can be deemed “valuable” to a brand in consideration of a number of things. Their ad-value as a whole, can be determined by things such as engagement rates (what percentage of their following is actually engaging with their content), authenticity (what are they doing with their content to make it feel genuine?), as well as a plethora of other items (who their followers are, where they’re from, etc.). Brands can use a number of technologies for this type of research and intel, for example, Talent Resources strategically partners with for our Influencer insights. 

While Influencers do need to earn a living, we feel strongly that a specific influencer should not accept every deal that comes their way. This is because Influencers should be continually looking for ways to build their own brand (ergo, who they are, and why certain things are important to them). Once an influencer has established their own brand, they can then partner with companies that feel authentic and genuine to that brand. Should an influencer work on a project that feels inauthentic, or not genuine, it will not only be reflected in the material they put together, but it'll be reflected in a Company’s consideration of that talent in the future. 


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