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Talent Resources Has Gone Global

Talent Resources is officially going global with our first satellite office in London! At our core, we partner with companies to find the right influencers for their brand. Our methods are based on facts and a comprehensive understanding of what makes up each brand’s DNA. By basing our strategy on analytics, we track engagement and reach through social media leading to the best results. While we have built our vast network of brands and influencers for over a decade in the United States, it is time to start expanding to a truly global operation.

We have chosen London as the perfect gateway for Talent Resources to expand into the European market. We believe that close proximity, even in a socially distant world, is essential. Having a team on the ground in London helps us see first hand how our brands are being received by their respective audiences and give us the opportunity to connect and share our strategies to a larger network.

This expansion also allows us to have a greater presence for our European clients. The ability to partner with global brands and influencers ultimately results in worldwide engagement from a wide variety of different audiences. This approach gives our clients the opportunity to cross over from being recognized locally or nationally to globally.

Regardless of location, forming meaningful relationships, and having purposeful conversations with our clients is our top priority no matter where we expand. We will continue to utilize our network and relationships to give the utmost support to the influencer and digital marketing industries.

Letter from our founder;

“On the heels of a global pandemic, one thing became very clear to our team at TR. We not only needed to shift our offerings to address new needs, but we needed to expand. For years we have been servicing clients from all over the globe and now we are happy to say that we have a dedicated team based in London who are on the ground and ready to make things happen.
Many people think of us as a NY-based team, but this expansion adds our 4th official office including Boston and Los Angeles. I’m here for an extended period of time and ready to connect with as many of you as possible. Please reach out and let us show you firsthand how Talent Resources can be your go-to source for celebrity, influencer programming, and digital marketing!”
- Michael Heller


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