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Talent Resources Top 5 Picks: Podcasts

Podcasts have soared in popularity over the past few years. There is a podcast for just about every genre or topic that may interest you, from current events to celebrity gossip. Podcasts are easy to follow along and because of the lack of visuals, making them the perfect companion for commuters, road trippers, and anyone who has to focus their eyes on something but wants to enjoy more than music. Podcasts started by influencers, celebrities, or figures in the business world can automatically draw attention to themselves by bringing their existing audience over to the new format. Hosts will sometimes invite a guest onto the show for an episode, which can benefit the guest’s brand and the podcast simultaneously. In the social media marketing industry alone, there is an abundance of podcasts with hosts and guests from all different backgrounds and brands. In this industry, it is important to always stay up to date with the latest trends and concepts, and we believe that podcasts are one of the best and easiest ways to do so.

1. The Influencer Podcast

Our top pick this week is the Influencer Podcast hosted by Julie Solomon. This podcast encompasses the whole influencer experience, discussing trends in the industry, engaging your audience, growing your business's online presence, and much more. The podcast is available to listen on iTunes and Stitcher and often features guests within the industry that offer tips and advice.

2. Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic is a podcast available on iTunes and hosted by Sara Tasker. Tasker herself has over 200k followers on Instagram, the platform that she used to build her audience and business. She offers an inspirational perspective to the online world, and interviews experts in the space every couple of weeks.

3. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk, author, vlogger, and successful entrepreneur took his content to the podcast by creating The GaryVee Audio Experience. With 2.78 million subscribers on YouTube alone and expertise in marketing and business, Gary reaches a wide audience with his episodes that air daily.

4. Casual Fridays

Casual Friday's podcast is available on Apple, focusing on current digital trends and social media marketing. Hosted by Tyler Anderson, the podcast interviews top brands and leaders in the industry, discusses ad strategy, formulating copy, and more.

5. Reply All

Reply All podcast, launched by Gimlet Media, is downloaded about 5 million times per month. Available on Apple and Spotify and hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the technology podcast details unique feature stories that explore how the internet and people have simultaneously shaped each other. Exploring theories on everything from Jeffrey Epstein to Venmo, it was named the sixth-best podcast of the year in 2019 by The New Yorker.


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