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The Source by Talent Resources | Issue 41

Donnie Wahlberg Teams Up with Clean Fuels Alliance America to Drive Awareness for Bioheat® Fuel

Acclaimed musician, actor, and Boston native Donnie Wahlberg has joined forces with Clean Fuels Alliance America in a dynamic campaign to raise awareness about Bioheat® fuel, an eco-friendly and sustainable home heating solution derived from plants, including soybeans. Wahlberg, known for his deep ties to the Boston community, is excited to champion this initiative, reconnecting with his roots and promoting a cleaner future for the Northeast.

Ashley Benson, Lana Condor and Brittany Snow teamed up with Gonna Need Milk to promote the importance of drinking milk.

Talent Resources Social capitalized on our fellow PR team's client, The Sugar Factory. With their Holiday menu tastings being in full swing throughout December, we were able to capture on-site content featuring the variety of food and treats they had to offer. With a room full of local NJ influencers, we were able to collaborate and shoot engaging and trending foodie content while making sure the holiday atmosphere did not go unnoticed.

Optimizing our content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, our in-feed reel, collab posts, and story series garnered over 4.2K views combined.

Skinny Mixes’ Starbucks dupes recipes were featured on Her Campus as a part of an article about recreating Starbucks’ seasonal drinks at home.

Real Essentials was featured Travel + Leisure’s cozy winter clothes that you can buy for under $50 on Amazon roundup.

The Athlete’s Foot and Real Essentials were both included in The Source’s Women’s footwear and apparel guide dedicated to hip hop’s 50th anniversary.

Golden Charter Academy’s founder and former Pittsburgh Steelers player, Robert Golden, sat down with The U.S. Sun to talk about life after the NFL and the journey to starting Golden Charter Academy.


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