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Trends to Expect in 2021

2021 will bring many new trends, as we have already seen major shifts in the digital landscape over the past year. With COVID-19 turning the world upside down, marketing tactics have shifted to adapt to our current reality. Marketers and influencers are constantly finding new ways to connect with their audiences, and with that comes new and unique strategies.

The first trend to expect in the upcoming year is the downfall of third-party cookie usage. According to Ad Week, Google Chrome will stop supporting cookies completely by 2022. This will impact how ads are targeted and tracked, forcing marketers to depend on their first-party data, and giving them about a year to plan how they will do so. Ads are a major aspect of a brand's social strategy and can have a large impact on digital awareness and growth. This change will involve improving access and effective use of the brand’s independent data reporter. By doing this, marketers will have a clearer insight and understanding of what future campaigns will make the most impact, possibly allowing better results.

Another trend that will likely be seen in 2021 is the rise of eCommerce on social media platforms. According to eMarketer, advertising on eCommerce platforms jumped 39% in 2020 and will grow another 30% in 2021, capturing 13% of total U.S. digital ad spend. Instagram users even saw a change in layout to promote the app's‘ Shop’ feature. Ads that are customized and targeted to particular audiences can notably be attributed to the rise and success rate of eCommerce.

The last trend to look out for in 2021 is the increase and impact of brand collaborations, something that has been apparent for years and only increasingly becomes more effective. Brands are becoming masters in finding authentic partnerships. This has been seen with successful collaborations this past year like Travis Scott and McDonald’s, David Dobrik and HeadCount, and many more that generated tremendous results. With some social buzz along with creativity and integrating cross-marketing strategies, campaigns reach large audiences made up of new eyes and loyal followers.

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