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Using Social Media to Drive Sales

As the popularity and influence of social media continues to rapidly grow, it is becoming more common to see notable brands transform their marketing strategies. From restaurant chains to jewelry companies, brands are becoming more aware of the engagement that comes from social media platforms. Taking advantage of the promotional tools on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to advertise products can leverage fan bases, resulting in increased sales.

Restaurant chains were quick to hop on this trend that has shown promising results. Chipotle was the first restaurant to partner with TikTok, in which their Vice President of Brand Marketing, Stephanie Purdue, reported that the company is up 99% in digital sales, representing 18% of sales in total. Chipotle debuted their presence on TikTok with a dance challenge, later partnering with YouTube star David Dobrik for a contest where users create a video explaining why they deserve to be sponsored by Chipotle. Users were instructed to use the hashtag #ChipotleSponsorMe on TikTok and the campaign immediately blew up. The hashtag accumulated over 2 billion views and raised the bar for companies' social marketing game.

Engagement stories have become a positive aspect of the new socially distant lifestyle, an event that can remain between two people yet shared digitally with many. As most of these engagements have taken to social media, companies like The Clear Cut have started selling their rings via Instagram. The Clear Cut is now reporting that they are producing 80% of their business through Instagram, plus their TikTok is helping to further streamline sales. These platforms give users easy access to viewing a large variety of products, then direct access to buying the item easily over Instagram. Cutting out the middleman has allowed businesses like the Clear Cut, to thrive over the past few months, since getting engaged has been on someone’s mind, buying the ring for the special occasion has become so much simpler.

Retail companies like Boohoo and Zaful have also taken advantage of selling their products through Instagram. These companies have set up their mobile websites to model their Instagram pages. By designing their websites this way, consumers can easily look at what they want on Instagram, click a link and see the same outfit, and buy the product. Other brands, like Fashion Nova, have taken a slightly different approach. While their website is compatible with mobile devices, they have taken advantage of many new influencers, including cast members from Netflix’s multiple new reality dating series. The Too Hot to Handle cast is almost all partnered with Fashion Nova. Since the cast posts very frequently, and they often wear and promote Fashion Nova, it can be expected that these partnerships are increasing revenue for the company.

Social media's popularity over the past six months has soared, and some of the most popular brands and businesses are using this to their advantage. While businesses have always known how important social media can be for advertising, it is now also a tool to help expedite sales while optimizing a consumer-friendly experience.


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