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Digital Media Updates You Should Know About in 2021

As COVID-19 further accelerates digital growth, media companies focus on new features to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands. Just like TikTok disrupted the digital world in 2019 with its video-centric content, these new updates will pave the way for more groundbreaking trends in the near future.

It is paramount to follow these rapid changes closely in order to adapt and strategize accordingly. Whether you are an influencer or a company, you need to stay on top of digital trends to have a broader reach.

So if you’ve been wondering about the latest updates in the digital world, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together the most recent major updates below:

1. Google Privacy Update: Google is set to stop selling ads based on individuals’ browsing as data privacy has become increasingly important to consumers. This update could change the digital ad business to a great extent since many companies depend on individualized tracking to target their ads.

2. Twitter Super Follow: Twitter recently announced that users will be able to charge their followers for access to additional content. The ‘Super Follow’ feature will include bonus tweets, access to a community group, newsletter subscription, and other tools. Another update to mention is the group's feature, with which users will be able to create and join groups based on their interests. While these updates may be new to Twitter, they most definitely resemble that of other social media apps.

3. Tiktok for Business: TikTok aims to share platform marketing tips, usage insights and preview upcoming events to help users grow their business. People will be able to learn how to make the most use of Brand Takeovers, In-feed Videos, and other popular features TikTok offers. In addition, there will be an e-learning center that will help advertisers learn more about how to utilize TikTok and its ad offerings.

4. Pinterest Premiere: Pinterest just announced a new video add option called ‘Pinterest Premiere’ at their first-ever Pinterest Presents’ marketing and advertising summit. The new feature will enable brands to buy exclusive video placement in the home feed for either a specific category or demographic. Additional ad updates will enable users to analyze more campaign insights, hence have a broader reach.

5. Instagram + Messenger Integration: In late 2020, Facebook decided to merge Messenger with Instagram to create better connectivity for users. New features such as vanish mode and custom emoji reactions have been rolled out along with the integration. This update surely hints at more cross-platform messaging among joint social media apps in the future.

We can expect more exciting features on these platforms as consumers spend more and more time with digital activities, especially digital video.

For marketers, it is crucial to stay in the know and watch out for new digital trends; and for digital platforms, it is crucial to differentiate themselves from other platforms with their new features. One thing's for sure, brands who adapt their digital marketing mix will come out strong in 2021.


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