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How to Find Influencers for Your Brand

As a marketer, you must have heard the term ‘influencer marketing’. The influencer marketing industry is expected to be worth $15 billion next year, and this booming digital sector has only one direction to go. Influencer marketing may be a terrific strategy to boost brand awareness and spread the word about your business if your company is just getting started. As a new brand, though, it can be tough to identify influencers because you don't have access to your metaphorical Rolodex to find connections that can help you. Let us understand more about how to find influencers for your brand and also recognize what an influencer marketing agency can do for you.

Influencers are appreciated by all! That isn't to say that every influencer will help your business succeed. You've come to the perfect place if you don't know where to look for influencers who your target audience wants to see advertise your items.

What is the definition of an influencer?

  • Blogger

  • A user of Social Media

  • Content Creator

  • Industry Thought Leader

  • Celebrity

  • Fashionista

Let us ask ourselves, why do you need influencers? In the first place, an influencer is a popular way of spreading word-of-mouth information. No other marketing strategy is as effective as the reference of one satisfied client or customer to another. You should ask yourself these three questions listed below to ascertain how to find influencers for your brand:

  • Why do you need influencers in your company?

  • What are the best places to look for influencers for your company?

  • How do you work with influencers once you've identified them?

Why do you need influencers in your company?

As pointed out above, no marketing strategy beats the referral of a friend or a known associate about a business or a product. Why? Because you believe in your friend's advice.

When it comes to influencer marketing, the human mind operates in the same way. An influencer acts as a link between your brand and your target audience, similar to a common buddy.

That's why 21% of shoppers use social media to research before making a purchase. For Gen-Z, the percentage is considerably higher (31%).

So, what function do influencers play in your company?

  • They produce material for your company.

  • They tell their friends about your company.

  • They become engrossed in the dialogues that revolve around your brand.

Let's take a closer look now that we know what role they can play. Here are some tips for how to find influencers for your brand.

1. Know who you're trying to reach.

One of the three pillars of influencer marketing tactics is audiences. And this is where a lot of brands go astray.

They don't check to see if their target audiences are following the influencer with whom they've chosen to cooperate. This is why identifying your target market is the first step in identifying influencers for your company.

Let's imagine you're the owner of a cosmetics company. You decide to work with a beauty blogger to sell your products. How do you tell if you've made the best decision?

You must realize that not every beauty blogger caters to the same demographic.

  • Some might go after millennials.

  • Others may go after mothers or ladies in their forties and fifties.

  • Some people may opt to use organic beauty products.

  • Others may have fans who are interested in cosmetics.

And so forth...

So, what exactly do you need to keep an eye out for?

You must make certain that your target audiences match those of your influencers. When looking for influencers for your brand, this is necessary because the correct ones will ensure that your items are seen by the right people.

2. Choose your influencers carefully.

To locate and choose the ideal influencers for your company, you must first assess them. If you don't evaluate, you can end up with the wrong or even phony influencers. The parameters you must employ when looking for influencers for your business are listed below.


The entire number of followers an influencer has on social media or their blogs is referred to as reach. Make sure the influencer has a sizable following on the social media platform where you plan to launch your campaign. It's one of the most significant factors to consider while looking for influencers for your company.


The engagement rates of an influencer are perhaps even more essential than their reach.


Because it shows how many of their fans are interested in what they have to say.

It's essentially a metric for how much an influencer may sway a customer's buying choice. Before making a decision, look at the level of engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) that an influencer receives on their postings.

3. Make use of Google.

Google and other search engines can assist you in finding influencers, but you must search specifically, or you will be sifting through all of the internet's search results to discover your influencers. To employ these search queries, create a list of terms that describe your brand's overarching objective.

When searching, include "site:" before your keywords to ensure that you are just looking for terms related to your specialty on Instagram.

You may even add "blogger" or a place to your keywords to limit them down even more. You'll be able to uncover local influencers in your niche if you search by area and keywords. This is especially useful if you want to work with an influencer in person for photo sessions, events, or other marketing efforts.

You can also look for blogs and personal websites using Google and other search engines. Most of them will have social links in the header or footer, allowing you to visit their accounts once you've determined if they share content related to your business and issues.

4. Examine the mentions and tags made by your competition.

Influencer marketing may already be being used by your competitors to grow their brands. Keeping a list of competitors might assist you in identifying influencers who are currently discussing the same issues as you.

Examine the photographs that have been tagged on a competitor's Instagram profile. These posts may include mentions of influencers. Go to their profile to see how many followers they have and what their feed looks like.

If an influencer is already talking about a competitor, they may be more willing to talk about your business because it fits in with their current topics. On the other hand, an influencer who only posts about one company may not want to work with other partners or may have an agreement with that brand and should be avoided.

5. Platforms for Blogger Outreach.

When looking for influential bloggers for your business, read their posts to see if they write about issues that are relevant to your industry. Examine their Domain Authority and social media statistics, then approach those who fit your requirements.

Finding influencers for your brand may appear to be a time-consuming procedure because it is entirely manual. You can use platforms like Inkybee, BuzzStream, or GroupHigh to make things easier. These tools make it simple to locate influencers for your brand and supply all of the required data.

6. Examine your personal and competition accounts for followers.

Influencers are everywhere, and they're likely to follow many of the same accounts as you. Look through the followers of a few accounts on Instagram that are relevant to your topic. While time-intensive, these follower groups may contain an influencer that would be ideal for your brand.

If you already work with or have reached out to a few influencers, looking at their followers can help you identify more like-minded people.

How can you work with Influencers?

Finding influencers for your brand isn't enough. It's time to engage with them after you've located and evaluated them. Here are the actions you need to take to reach out to influencers effectively:

· Make them take notice of You

Follow them on social media and interact with their postings. Make a thoughtful comment and express your admiration for their work. Remember to share their content with your social media networks as well.

This will catch their attention and cause them to pay attention to you. This, in turn, will assist you when it comes to approaching influencers.

· Make an offer they can’t refuse

It's time to give an influencer a winning proposition once you've gotten on their radar.

There's no need to go into detail about what you can provide. However, to maximize your chances of receiving a response, you must make your offer appear attractive.

After all, finding influencers for your brand is one thing; getting them to collaborate with you is quite another. You might discuss how relevant the opportunity is, or you can mention some of your previous successful collaborations. In your email, don't forget to include a clear call to action. For example, you could request that they respond with a convenient time for a lengthy discussion.

· Keep in touch

Because influencers receive a high amount of messages, your email will probably go undetected. So, if you haven't heard from them after a couple of days, write a follow-up email. Before moving on, send at least some follow-ups.

Also, make sure to keep in touch with your influencers long after your engagement has ended. Relationship management with influencers is equally vital since it will benefit you in the long run. If you and the influencers had a nice time together, you can always work with them again.

While using an influencer marketing agency all of the above come in a package. This is particularly effective for small or medium-sized businesses. Choose one that offers you the specific services you need.


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