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Talent Resources’ Top 5 Picks: Content Houses

Content houses originally became popular when social media stars like Jake Paul and FaZe banks created a central location for their teams to live and work together. While some of the houses date back to 2016 with their main channels being YouTube, the popularity of TikTok has brought the hype back to life all over again. Now, the content houses are most well-known for their top gen-z influencer members, and it is hard to miss their group content while scrolling through TikTok. The concept of these houses has set the stage for creators to be able to work together, building their team's brand while also becoming popular influencers and promoting their personal brands. More recently especially, content houses have given inspiration for social media talent that may have before gone unrecognized. Influencers like Addison Rae and the D'Amelio sisters quickly grew their presence on TikTok and have since become famous in the world of social media after joining one of the houses. The D’Amelio sisters have since opted out of the Hype House to pursue more personal business opportunities, yet the impact of content houses on influencers and the world of social media remains stronger than ever.

1. Team 10

The Team 10 house is arguably the most widely known content creators' house, and one of the first to come about. This is most likely due to its co-founder Jake Paul, who has shifted the social media landscape over the years from Vine to YouTube, to reality television. The team's YouTube channel has 2.49 million subscribers, while all of the members also have their own personal channels. Paul told Forbes that the house is “an incubator for social media talent”, that has built its own brand while helping others grow and build theirs. Influencers like Erika Costell and Alissa Violet who had a relatively small following before joining Team 10 quickly grew their following to over a million over a short period of time, showing the opportunities that the house brings for creators.

2. Sway

The Sway house was originally founded by Josh Richards alongside Bryce Hall and is run by TalentX. This unique agency is made up of the house's members, with an effort to create an agency for creators, by creators. The content produced by the Sway house is TikTok heavy, with members like Blake Grey and Noah Beck only producing short video content. Despite this, the house often defines itself as a YouTuber house with most other members showcasing their content to millions of YouTube subscribers every week. More recently, Sway House has signed a deal with Triller shifting much of their TikTok content onto the new platform. This is also due to the house's co-founder Josh Richards being hired as Triller's new Chief Strategy Officer, setting up a relationship with the house's creators and the platform.

3. Hype

The Hype House, founded by creators such as Daisy Keech, Thomas Petrou, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, and Kouvr Annon, is one of the newer houses and includes members from many backgrounds. Some of its most famous members include the Lopez Brothers and Nikita Dragun. The Lopez Brothers made their name as a dance duo from Las Vegas while Nikita is a prolific beauty guru with her own line of beauty products. Despite their popularity, the house has come under a backlash for their lack of diversity. The house continues to show high engagement with their audience and continuously partners with companies like Bang Energy and Walmart to sponsor products. The members create content for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and work together to support each other’s following and merchandise. There has also been talk about the possibility of a new reality show about them called “The Hype Life.”

4. Clout

The Clout house was most popular for being a major competitor to Team 10, as it is made up of some of the most popular YouTubers. This house was started by FaZe Banks, who later went on to create his own “FaZe House.” Some other famous members of the houses included influencer Alissa Violet who joined the Clout house after leaving Team 10, RiceGum, and Sommer Ray. However, the activity of the Clout house creators has recently died out, leaving audiences in the question of what really happened.

5. FaZe

The FaZe house is another one of the most original houses that really set the stage for the creation and popularity of creators living in a house together for business opportunities. FaZe Banks, the original member, known for his gaming videos and Twitch live streams, started living in the house around 2016. The house then became a hub for some of the most popular esports gamers, who all have “FaZe” in their screen names. The FaZe Clan YouTube channel carries 8.23 million subscribers, excelling in its own personal niche.


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