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Talent Resources’ Top 5 Picks: Summer 2020 Social Media Trends

1. Video Content

Variations of video content have been the gatekeeper of all social media trends this summer. From TikTok’s whipped coffee to Justin Bieber’s Instagram Live concerts, we were never short of entertainment even while quarantining. The popularity of TikTok and Triller even sparked the launch of a new form of video content, Instagram Reels. Our favorite movie and television casts like The Parent Trap, 30 Rock and Lord of the Rings gathered via Zoom, webinars and virtual events were hosted, and the rise of virtual connection allowed us to see celebrities come together like never before.

2. Micro-Influencers

While the world has been on pause, people have been turning to social media to still feel connected. During these months, individuals have found their different niches and have created profiles to match. Whether this involves fitness journeys, pastry creations, or refining their personal profiles, there has been a myriad of brands to connect with these budding influencers, and their popularity has soared.

3. Verifying Information

In the media landscape, everyone has a platform to voice their opinions. In the midst of the pandemic, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have instituted a fact-checking feature. Topics that are commonly fact-checked are information about COVID-19, politics, and economic issues. The landscape of social media has shifted in which it is not just somewhere to post your photos, but now influencers and celebrities are using their voice to raise awareness on these issues and current events.

4. Re-evaluating Metrics

For almost a year now, Instagram has been testing removing likes on many users’ profiles. Influencer marketing agencies have been wondering how a total switch will impact their strategies - as people obsess over the number of likes they get on posts, from accounts with 100 followers to accounts with 100 million followers. Instagram has been making this shift to get the app back to what it was made for - sharing creative content and how many people like it being because they actually like, not because of who has liked it or how many likes it has received. Many users are still left with the inability to view likes, which can really take a toll on how they view the success of a profile.

5. Instagram Shop

Due to quarantine measures put into as a result of COVID-19, online shopping has been booming. To expand on their usage and features, Instagram wanted in on the online shopping action. The release of Instagram Shop allows businesses to tailor their company profile to their liking while providing users with an easy to use storefront to purchase products within the app. According to Sprout Social, after seeing a product or service on Instagram, 79% of users searched for more information, 37% visited the retail store and 46% made a purchase. Along with more Instagram users willing to shop on the app, advertisements have increased on the app. Companies are now more willing to allocate more of their budget for Instagram ads due to the amount of engagement they can provide.


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