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TR Weekly

This week, we have seen influencers and celebrities branching out and venturing to new opportunities. From Jake Paul exploring his newfound boxing career, to Miley Cyrus partnering with Chipotle, stars are constantly seeking new ways to engage their fans and followers. In addition, industries like real estate and Broadway are utilizing influencers and social media creators to increase their own sales as well as benefit people in need. Lastly, president-elect and vice-president elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were named as Time Person of the Year.

Celebs & Entertainment

Taylor Swift Drops Unexpected Album

Following up her massively successful album ‘Folklore', Taylor Swift is back again, surprise dropping another album. The new album titled ‘Evermore’ is said to be a sister album to ‘Folklore’ as it has the same indie-inspired sound to it. On December 10th, the singer took to Instagram to announce the album would be released midnight the next day. According to CNN Entertainment, the 15-song effort was praised by several critics and hailed by fans on its release, with plenty noting the seamless continuation of the stripped-back style Swift delved into in "Folklore."

Ratatouille Musical Created by TikTok Users

Despite Broadway still facing closures, TikTok users collectively created a musical for the popular Disney movie Ratatouille. ‘Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical’ will be debuting as an actual show for a one-night only concert on January 1st. With no set details about the show, what is certain is that it’ll be produced by Seaview Productions while being presented in association with TikTok. The show will also be benefitting the Actors Fund as many are struggling to find work during the pandemic. This is a great representation of the power that social media has, as Disney commented on the matter, “Although we do not have development plans for the title, we love when our fans engage with Disney stories. We applaud and thank all of the online theatre makers for helping to benefit The Actors Fund in this unprecedented time of need”, according to the Verge.

Brands & Industry

Google Shares Top Search Inquiries

The year coming to a close leads to a lot of people reflecting on a challenging year. Every December, Google captures what the most search queries were for the entire year and compiles them in a video showing the good and bad. The YouTube video currently has well over 14 million views while showcasing clips of major happenings this year. In terms of the global search volume, Coronavirus leads the list of searches, followed by the election, Kobe Bryant, and Zoom. According to Social Media Today, Google has also provided a Year in Search key events overview, which enables you to skim over various big trends by tapping on one of two options beneath each event.

Coca-Cola Crowned as this Year’s Most Effective Ad

As the Holidays are approaching, the festive advertisements are in full swing. During this time of year, brands like to get creative by incorporating the holiday season into effective ad campaigns. Coca-Cola was the forefronting leader this year, as according to Marketing Week they were crowned as this year’s most effective ad with their two Christmas ads. The ads titled ‘Holidays are Coming’ and ‘The Letter’ scored 96 out of 100 in terms of long-term return potential, 100 in terms of remembering the brand and 96 in terms of creating branded memories according to Kantar data. With Aldi and Disney+ closely following their success, it can be noted that themes of nostalgia and humor is what worked best this season.


Miley Cyrus X Chipotle

Chipotle is not shy when it comes to incorporating celebrities and influencers into their brand. Their recent TikTok campaign with YouTube creator David Dobrik incorporated his own burrito to the menu as well as three other TikTok users who showcased their order on the app. In light of this, Chipotle shared a TikTok on Tuesday with text saying “if Miley Cyrus comments we'll make a Miley burrito in our app”. Due to the power of social media, Miley Cyrus quickly commented on the video "only if you name it 'the Guac is extra but so is miley burrito'”. Sure enough, the singer and fast-food chain secured a collaboration with one another from something as simple as a TikTok video.

Developers Hire Influencers to Sell Homes in New York

As the effects of COVID-19 continue to hurt many industries like real estate, developers are venturing out to new marketing outlets. There is no surprise when it comes to the power influencers have when they attach their name to a brand. Because of this, developers are now incorporating influencers into their selling strategy utilizing their platform to benefit their sales. According to Crain’s New York Business, “Through an Instagram post or a YouTube channel, buyers can picture a typical day in their aspirational space: working from home in a chic living room, doing yoga on their new terrace, and enjoying skyline views while eating dinner. Beyond the dull look of ads with an existing tenant’s shambolic bedroom, or the sterility of a staged, Ikea-filled studio, using influencers can make the usually painful endeavor feel more like being in your own magazine ad”. In the efforts to transform their advertising to be more appealing, developers are pushing influencers to display the essence of a new lifestyle rather than just a new home.


Jake Paul’s Blooming Boxing Career

From starting out on Disney Channel, to becoming a top YouTuber, to now taking over the professional boxing industry, Jake Paul seems to be able to do it all. After knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson this past Saturday, Paul seems to be just beginning his boxing career. According to Insider, Paul stated, “I wake up every day with fire in my belly, that's just where the passion, hard work, and dedication comes from." Paul said that the "entertainment in LA is great," pointing to his other opportunities with YouTube, acting, and music, but said "boxing just sits differently with me." After being very active on social media immediately after, it was clear that the match increased Paul’s engagement as his Instagram post uploaded shortly after currently has over 600 thousand likes.

Dixie D’Amelio Releases Song with Wiz Khalifa

It is not abnormal for influencers to expand their market and dabble in other aspects of the entertainment industry. TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio is a great example of this with her recent music career launch back in June. Her debut hit “Be Happy” currently has 94 million views and quickly  went on to collaborate with Liam Payne dropping a Christmas song, “Naughty List”. After the quick success she had achieved, her most recent music move was collaborating with rapper Wiz Khalifa to produce the song and music video “One Whole Day”. The video currently has over 9 million views after debuting on December 4th.


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