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What Does an Influencer Marketing Manager Do?

Influencer marketing teams everywhere need managers to represent them. These professionals manage influencer marketing campaigns and relations with influencers for businesses. With the recent surge in influencer marketing all over the world, businesses are hiring dedicated people for influencer marketing campaigns and including this position in their marketing departments. But little information currently is available to determine what this position requires. If it matches the skills your new hire has? and a lot more questions come up with this position’s job objectives.

An influencer marketing agency is aware of these answers because of their experience in the industry. As a business, you might be aware of traditional marketing and the positions required to fill its ranks for effectiveness. As a business that regularly uses marketing, you will be aware of the objectives of the positions and the tasks each of the layers needs to execute. However, influencer marketing being a more current method requires experience within its domain to understand each position’s functions, roles, and responsibilities.

Let us understand what an influencer marketing manager does and what their job description consists of.

Who is an influencer marketing manager?

They are the people who are responsible for managing the campaign operations of a business’s influencer marketing campaign. They build the influencer partners for a brand, manage communications with them, and coordinate with the rest of the team involved in marketing to create maximum impact and effectiveness for their influencer marketing campaigns.

This is an expert position and requires in-depth knowledge on the subject to be efficient in delivery.

What Does an Influencer Marketing Manager Do?

So now we know who an influencer marketing manager is, let's dig deeper and understand their responsibilities.

Management of the campaign

An influencer marketing manager’s prime responsibility is conducting a campaign from beginning to its end. They will need to craft a campaign in line with a vision revolving around the goals of the campaign with a unique approach, drafting the required proposals, and deciding the KPIs to measure the campaign.

They would also need to reach out to the influencers the brand needs to partner with. They would also need to draft email templates to reach out which will be useful in the campaign and monitor the inbox to duly answer by responding to the questions coming from the influencers and the business.

In some cases, they may even need to assist the influencer in content creation. A well-briefed influencer could also need guidance or a drive in the right direction. Whatever be the case, they will need to maintain a constant connection with the partners to maintain forward momentum.

Once the posts are published, they will need to track the campaign’s success and report it to the rest of the team. They will need to communicate the effectiveness of the campaign and how it reached the planned goals.

Building relationships

You may think that this campaign connected your brand with this influencer and contact beyond the campaign’s completion might not be necessary. However, building a relationship with the influencer will come in handy. Good working relationships with the influencers are important for the success of future influencer marketing campaigns.

If good connections are maintained with the influencers and other contacts, their familiarity with the brand remains which further helps in execution whenever the opportunity is created for collaboration. They create a list of probable contacts and know people which will help in future partnerships.

They constantly look for ways to achieve common ground between influencers and brands. Businesses will always try to reach their KPIs with as little expenditure as possible, while influencers will try to retain creative control over the content and present a message to their engaged audience. Sometimes these goals can be opposed to each other but an efficient influencer marketing manager will strategize to help both the involved parties reach the goals and common ground.

Communication with influencers

An influencer marketing manager will need to communicate with influencers. Maintaining the relationship or responding appropriately to the queries about a campaign, they need excellent writing and communication skills to ensure appropriate information or feedback is being sent.

Over a campaign’s course they need to, send outreach messages to source and connect with influencers, provide email support to answer influencer queries, send reminders to influencers to meet deadlines, and also follow-up emails thanking the influencer for their participation and contribution.

Coordinate with the business’s marketing

An influencer marketing manager needs to fit and support the marketing team’s goals appropriately. Teamwork and coordinated efforts to make sure the content is shared with the social media manager and links are tracked to differentiate the efforts of the team from the rest of the marketing efforts.

Influencer marketing can aptly lend a hand in the other efforts of the rest of the marketing team. An efficient influencer marketing manager will liaise with the rest of the teams for the theme, deliverables, and timing to improve the rest of the business’s marketing channels.

Analyzing trends and the market

An influencer marketing manager must also keep himself up to date with the current trends on social media and the influencer marketing community. Your marketing program and influencer strategy should use the inferences of the market research. The new features of social media channels must be tested and the benefits deduced while using them for absolute benefits.

The best influencer marketing campaigns are successful by using the latest trends before the others and use them just as they hit the social media channels. This kind of up-to-date knowledge requires constant research and participation on social media channels to ensure the knowledge is as per the current trends.

Being an influencer marketing manager needs many skills like knowledge of social media, people handling skills, effective mediation, being a master in communication, and the ability to multitask efficiently. An influencer marketing agency looks for these qualities when hiring personnel for the aforementioned position.


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