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Beauty brands in the time of pandemic

The beauty industry in the time of the pandemic has pivoted its in-store experiences to more DIY tutorials. Many brands are offering other options to their consumers such as posting YouTube videos and augmented reality consultations.  It is often the experience prior to purchase that will drive sales, such as beauty demonstrations, expert consultations, and other in-store services. So in an effort to mimic those efforts, Brands are recreating similar strategies for a newer digital era. Beauty purchases can also be "impulse buys," so while the act of taking a product off the shelf has been eliminated, for the time being, Brands will need to utilize different social media "direct-to-commerce" functions such as swipe-up links & in-video banner ads.

Talent Resources has helped a number of cosmetics, skincare, and haircare companies showcase their products and product use in online capacities. Recently working with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star: Michelle Monaghan, EltaMD was able to have an online discussion with a renowned Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Murmur to provide information to consumers about proper suncare and skincare routines. Utilizing IG-Story and IG-Live, Elta was able to allow consumers to not only get the consultation that they would normally get with a Dermatologist, but they are causing commerce in a digital capacity immediately.

The industry will start to see an expansion of online events from a lot of brands. Lots of factories are turning their factories into making them more COVID effective for example Estee Lauder is making hand sanitizers and Tan-Luxe is doing the same while using its same packaging to be cost-effective and use what they already have. 


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