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The Source by Talent Resources | Issue 42

Sugar Factory Valentine's Day Pop-Up Events

Sugar Factory brought Valentine’s Day to life with exclusive pop-up events at its Foxwoods, Miami, Boston and Times Square locations. Guests enjoyed a carefully curated selection of Valentine's Day-inspired treats and indulged in innovative, handcrafted cocktails for a memorable celebration.

Skinny Mixes Unveil New Lip-Puckering Sours Collection

Jordan’s Skinny Mixes, the leading brand for zero-calorie and zero-sugar syrups, is excited to announce the launch of its new Sours Collection. The new collection features Sour Green Apple (Dragon), Sour Watermelon (Love Potion), and Sour Blue Raspberry (Genie). These new and unique syrups add a sour, fruity, and fun twist to the best-selling Fantasy Collection. One sip of these delicious beverages made with the new sour products will take the palate from savory to puckering, sour to sweet, and back again in moments.

Sugar Factory Valentine's Day Pop-Up Events

The Athlete’s Foot (TAF) is excited to announce its upcoming Black History Month Youth Day Event. This event came to fruition through a strategic partnership with leading organizations including Finish First, a premier sports performance group, Movers and Pacers, a community-focused running club, and Delta Community, renowned for their commitment to financial literacy. The event will take place on Saturday, February 24th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 90 Boulevard NE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Featuring youth activist Yolanda Renee King, granddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as a distinguished guest and speaker, inspiring participants with her advocacy for equality and justice.

Sugar Factory Boston Grand Opening Event

Sugar Factory, America’s favorite eatery and celebrity hotspot, hosted a Grand Opening at their newest location at Boston’s Quincy Market on Friday, January 19th. The Grand Opening was hosted by DJ and Influencer Chantel Jeffries, who stepped behind the DJ booth for a night filled with great music, electric energy, and an abundance of sweet treats. The celebrity-endorsed, world-famous celebration destination known for its sweets and treats opened its doors at 100 South Market Building, Quincy Market, Units 100-134. This location is an exciting and unforgettable dining experience, featuring unique menu items, indoor and outdoor seating, the famed ‘Pink Room,’ captivating decor, legendary desserts, and Sugar Factory’s signature retail store, boasting hundreds of candy options.

Austin Cocktails, a modern line of premium, craft cocktails made with real spirits and real ingredients, partnered up with Tyler Cameron as they got set to announce the brand's partnership with the Professional Pickleball Association.

KISS Colors & Care partnered with Netflix Star Keith Powers for the company's Twist Curl Gel line. Keith will be part of an entire slate of Celebrity Partners for KISS Colors & Care featuring their gel products. More to come!

Talent Resources Social captured the feeling of Greece right in New York City with PR client, Pappas New York by Dream Hospitality. From electric dancers to some of the best Mediterranean cuisine in the city, we capitalized on these luxury features on our Instagram stories and in-feed. Producing real-time content that showcases the wonders of Pappas New York, we garnered over 300 story views and 700+ in-feed views.


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