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The Top 10 Influencers on Our Radar

As brands continue to partner with influencers to promote their products, it has become essential that the influencer is the right fit for the brand. This strong alignment leads to the most authentic, successful results. While factoring in engagement rate and style of content is important, finding the best match requires a mix of data and intuition.

The data behind an influencer's profile provides insight into how well their community of followers engages with the creator as a whole. It can also help to pinpoint the specific styles that perform best on the account. This is where intuition and skill come into play in order to identify the right content that fits the brand. When all of these factors work in harmony, the sponsored posts look and feel the most natural, causing them to perform better.

Here is a list of influencers that have caught our attention and are growing in the space.

  1. Madelyn Cline @madelyncline (5.2m)

Maddie Cline, most widely known for her role as Sarah Cameron in the hit Netflix series Outer Banks, has 5.2 million followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 22.82%. Some of her biggest features since the show’s premiere include Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen, and Entertainment Tonight.

2. Chase Stokes @hichasestokes (4.3m)

Chase Stokes, or more popularly known as John B, is the Outer Banks co-star as well as on-screen and off-screen boyfriend of Maddie Cline. Stokes has 4.3 million followers on Instagram and a 22.57% engagement rate. One of the few partnerships he has promoted on his Instagram was with Sweet Earth Foods. He also takes a stance on current events and partnered to assist the Trevor Project.

3. Maddie Bailey @madisonbaileybabe (2.9m)

Maddie Bailey is the third Outer Banks star on our list today, with 2.9 million followers and a 19.24% engagement rate. Bailey’s recent role as Kiara Carrera in the hit show has been the kick start to her increasing online presence. She has also been featured on Harper's Bazaar and Entertainment Tonight’s YouTube channels and has a large audience and presence on TikTok with 2.7 million followers on the platform alone.

4. Alexa Demie @alexademie (2.1)

Alexa Demie has been involved in the music and film making industry for years, her career escalating after her role as Maddy Perez in season one of Euphoria. At 2.1 million followers and a 15.84% engagement rate, Demie has been featured on Vogue’s YouTube channel, partnered with Mac Cosmetics, and plans to launch her own brand, “demiegod”.

5. Summer McKeen @summermckeen (2m)

Summer McKeen’s YouTube channel was the start of her career, where she currently has 2.31 million subscribers and has had a presence on the platform for over five years. Her Instagram page has 2 million followers and a 4.37% engagement rate. She is the founder of her own brand “Keen On.”

6. Daniel Ezra @danielezra (1m)

Daniel Ezra, known for his leading role in the popular Netflix original All American where he stars as Spencer James, has 1 million followers on Instagram and a 5% engagement rate. He uses his platform to frequently speak on social justice issues and hosts a web segment called “The Hangout” that airs on his YouTube channel. The channel has 107k subscribers.

7. Sydney Sweeney @sydney_sweeney (1.6m)

Sydney Sweeney, who’s had roles in hit series such as Euphoria, The Handmaid’s Tale and Sharp Objects, has 1.6 million Instagram followers and a 17.69% engagement rate. She is also a model and actively involved in the fashion industry, appearing in Paper Magazine, partnering with celebrity photographer Amber Asaly and being a brand ambassador for Savage X Fenty.

8. Devon Lee Carlson @devonleecarlson (920k)

Devon Carlson, co-founder, and designer of Wildflower Cases has 920,000 followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 12.67%. The Wildflower Cases page alone has 745,000 followers and features celebs like Lana Del Ray and Bella Hadid showcasing the product. Carlson herself has partnered with major brands such as Burberry and has a YouTube channel with 179,000 subscribers.

9. Diana Silvers @dianasilverss (676k)

Dianna Silvers is an actress and model, best known for her roles in the films Ma and Booksmart. With 676,000 followers on Instagram and an engagement rate of 9.10%, Silvers produces authentic, natural content while also taking a stance on current events.

10. Daisy Edgar-Jones @daisyedgarjones (636k)

Daisy Edgar-Jones is an actress most popular for her role in the series Normal People. She has 636,000 followers on Instagram and a 5.64% engagement rate. She was the cover of Porter magazine, has been featured in Vogue, MTV, and Buzzfeed among numerous other popular publications.


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