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Value alignment leads to success in health and wellness influencer marketing

When it comes to social media, people share what they do and what they love. When they find something they love to use or love to do, they share it for all to hear. The health and wellness industry is no exception, and it is one of the leading categories in influencer marketing. Below are some of our favorite health and wellness influencers in no particular order.

Catherine Giudici is a mother, wife, and business owner of LoweCo greeting cards. She has also been a health and wellness influencer for various companies, including InMode, specifically as it relates to breast cancer screening. InMode, a leader in the minimally invasive medical device field, donated money towards breast cancer research and as a supporter, Catherine informed her followers to follow InMode to help the cause and to encourage her followers to see their doctors for breast cancer screenings. She challenged her followers to wear pink and post a picture to support the Informed by InMode Challenge, which was a challenge like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which had made a significant impact on ALS research.

Danielle Busby is a busy woman. Aside from being a parent to six children, she is also the owner of BuzzWorldShop and Graeson Bee, co-owner of CADi Fitness, while also starring in TLC’s TV show, OutDaughtered. This busy lady is a fitness lover, if it weren’t obvious by her being co-owner of CADi Fitness, has also mentioned wore her love of Fabletics while exercising with the (minimal) free time she finds for herself throughout the day. No power in the universe can stop you from your fitness mission, not even if you have six kids and multiple professional endeavors like Danielle.

Dianne Bondy believes in self-care as a practice and loves how movement brings her joy and clarity. She walks at least 45 minutes per day and follows it up with 5 minutes of meditation and ten minutes of yoga. She is also an author whose book, Yoga for Everyone: 50 Poses For Every Type of Body, was published in early 2019. Dianne was also once a featured teacher on Yoga International and she firmly believes that it is not who you impress, but who you impact and how you impact someone that matters in this world.

Born in the South, Haley Hunt Davis grew up loving fried foods, desserts (especially pie), sweet tea, and other delicious morsels that weren’t always the best for her body. When she became an adult, Haley went on a journey to discover which foods made her body happiest and was surprised to discover it was not the fried food she had grown up on. The foods that made her happiest were healthy, nutritious, and a combination of elements between her Southern roots and her new LA home. She has since founded Brewing Happiness, providing healthy recipes, videos, and more to those seeking healthier food options. On her website, there are recipes for a paleo peach smoothie, grain-free brownies, and more!

When it comes to fitness, one of the things Liz Della Croce is adamant about is picking an activity you actually enjoy doing. While she loves kickboxing and yoga, she is constantly trying new classes to add a little variety to her fitness routine, which is important in order to keep her body in tip-top shape. In addition, Liz is also the founder of The Lemon Bowl, a guide for food, travel, and healthy living. There are a wide variety of recipes to inspire the potential chef within.

Logan Aldridge is out there in the world-changing perceptions and shredding excuses. At the age of 13, Logan lost his left arm in a wakeboarding accident that would have left others in his position in a state of depression. Today, Logan is a seminar staff of CrossFit and holds the world record for the most weight lifted using a single-arm barbell clean in a minute. He is also the Co-owner and director of WheelWod, which focuses on giving athletes and coaches resources to create competitive adaptive athletes. Logan has represented the United States in multiple Paralympic events.

New Zealand supermodel, author, and TV host, Rachel Hunter recently teamed up with Dahlicious Organic as their celebrity ambassador. Given her experience hosting her television show, Rachel Hunter’s Tour Of Beauty, coupled with her love of organic food, Rachel was a natural choice. As their ambassador, Rachel created customized videos for companies looking for new products for their stores, as well as creating content for Dahlicious. In addition to her career as one of the world’s best-known models, Rachel is also a yoga instructor who loves traveling around India.

It seems only natural that a person working as a medical professional would be a trusted health and wellness influencer, and Sandie Barling is no exception. This podiatrist from Melbourne, Australia, a self-described fitness foot fiend, shares her food and fitness journey on Instagram and attributes her passion for health and fitness to having grown up playing a variety of different sports. She uses her Instagram platform to empower other women in their fitness goals and to practice self-love. On her website, she has talked about food, footwear, and fitness, and is extremely active on her Instagram platform as well.

As an influencer who teaches that feeling better is more important than looking better. After giving it careful consideration, Sarah had decided to give Teami detox tea a try. She found that the tea gave her more energy without the feeling of being weighed down by coffee. Apart from being a contestant on season 17 of The Bachelor, Sarah is a creative director, mentor, and an outdoor lover who loves to ski, climb, and savasana.

When it comes to getting their essential daily vitamins and minerals, many people fall short. Tinsley Mortimer knows that and is using her influence to spread knowledge of Care/Of, a supplement subscription service based in New York City. As a television personality who starred in The Real Housewives of New York City, she has a fan base in which to get the word out about Care/Of. In addition to her starring role on TV, Tinsley is an accomplished author having written a book titled Southern Charm, which is about a young woman from the south moving to NYC and becoming involved in New York society.

The influencers in your life, or on your social media page, don’t always have to be famous supermodels or television stars, they just have to be people who inspire, inform, or challenge you to improve yourself, try something new, or look at things in a different way. Maybe one day you will be an influencer yourself and inspire others to conquer their dreams as well.


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