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Why do big brands work with influencers?

Talent Resources

Brands work with influencers to create a buzz that amplifies their brand's message. However, it's essential to recognize that some Influencers resonate with the brand's overall message better than others. Picking the right match for a brand is vital, and that is why Talent Resources uses a variety of tools that can advance the search for the best fit in making the right decision. We survey the influencers' followers and look at ROI, but it's not the traditional "return on the investment" but rather what we term as the "Return on Influence" in order to curate our suggestions for our clients. We utilize platforms like Dovetail and Social Rank to help us compile the data and present our findings to the brands we work with. While many social media platforms have taken hold of the consumer's collective consciousness and are utilized for Influencer advertising, the most prevalent of all being Instagram, there is a new platform on the block that has become a force in its own right, TikTok. An interesting difference that we've noted between Instagram and TikTok is that the content on TikTok has a unique staying power, whereby we see some successful TikTok videos will be featured even months after they were initially posted. Both platforms appeal to distinctly different audiences, at least initially, with the content produced for each also represents a shift from the carefully curated artwork of Instagram to the more humorous or silly dance styles of TikTok. Let Talent Resources take a deep dive into your brand initiatives and metrics and find the right match in talent and platforms for your brand.


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